Lycoris Recoil


TV Series
Finished Airing
24 mins
Jul 2, 2022 to Sep 24, 2022
TV broadcast
Saturdays at 23:30 (JST)
A-1 Pictures
Lycoris Recoil
Lycoris Recoil
PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


The number of terrorist acts in Japan has been reduced drastically, thanks to the efforts of a syndicate called Direct Attack (DA). DA has a program called Lycoris, which raises orphaned girls as killers to carry out assassinations. Takina Inoue is an exceptional Lycoris with a strong sense of purpose and a penchant for perfection.

Unfortunately, a hostage situation tests her patience, and the resulting act of insubordination leads to her transfer out of DA. Not thrilled about losing the only place she belonged to, she reluctantly arrives at her new base of operations, LycoReco, a cafe in disguise.

Takina's new partner, however, turns out to be quite different from what she imagined. Chisato Nishikigi, the famed Lycoris prodigy, appears almost unconcerned with her duties. She takes Takina on all kinds of odd jobs with the simple explanation of helping people in need. To Takina's surprise, Chisato takes down a group of armed assailants without killing any of them.

Takina feels like a fish out of water and itches to get reinstated into DA, but Chisato is determined to prove to her that there is more to life than just taking them.


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